My old unit from Viet Nam, MASS 3, is having a 50th reunion this year at Camp Pendleton. (my 50th could have been 2016, 2017 or this year since I was there throughout that time. The unit was there from when I got there until several years after I left so 50th is not THE 50th, just the date everyone agreed on).Hullinger is organizing it and he keeps looking for more attendees and in that effort came up with ways listed below to find those buddies you thought you’d lost track of. The instructions and addresses might be a good thing to add to our website to help our members locate those they may be looking for. Kind of neat really. I am now corresponding with the guy joined my detachment in Danang in 68 just before TET and haven’t seen since.

Semper Fi,



Our Reunion is coming up. Now would be a good time to try to find your old friends. If you find someone please send us an email. We will add them to our recall roster which you can find on our blog

Finding old Marine Friends is hard. Here are a number of ways list below:

Many of our old comrades find us. As we reach our 50th anniversary we have more time to search for old friends, and more interest in contacting them.  If a Marine searches for his olf units he will find this site or our Facebook page, and he can reconnect that way. We keep an email recall roster and add names to it as we receive them.

If you want to find an old friend some of the links below may help. - search for the name and and location if you remember.

1. Google the name and city/state

2. If there’s a likely candidate, use do a name and state search, then use an advanced search with the DOB (this option only appears after the regular search)

3. If you still get the candidate, go to, and many times they provide an address and phone number.
It may still be the wrong person, but if this is the only name that keeps showing up with the right birthday, confidence should be good that he’s the one.  Potential problem is that the info you get for address may be outdated.  So...

4. Take the address info and plug it into either or  These sites are real estate sites that take addresses, show pix, list buyers and sellers. If you click on the name you want it should say if they are the ones living there now, or if they were previous owners.